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Invest - Research & Development

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We would love to have you invest by joining the R&D team.
Please e-mail us at info@campinabox.ca to let us know what areas you are most interested in, where you live, contact information, and relevant skills and experience.

Partner development (foundations, organizations, churches, individuals)

Locate product that will improve the camp package

Product design
-Designing and improving components.
-Instructions for production.

Develop communications.
-Online (social media, website,app)
-Design (graphics, brochures, presentations)

-Improve packing procedure and manuals
-Set up procedure and manuals
-Replacement parts and delivery system
-Shipping and transport

Program development.
-New ways to use the Camp package and improving on existing methods.
-Developing and collecting program resources that could be useful to local teams (bible studies, games, activities, music, crafts, arts, drama)
-Work together on improving after camp mentoring